Development Workshops

Julie can run small team-focused workshops around a variety of leadership and management themes. Each workshop is designed carefully to address the needs of the team and make the learning experiential and relevant to their current challenges. Several of the workshops are based around well-known self-assessments such as MBTI, Kilman Conflict Instrument and Emotional Capitalist Reports so the participants can develop in-depth self-awareness through the programme. A series of planned workshops delivers soft skill development with spaced learning and time for reflection and discussion at each meeting. This shared learning accelerates individual and team development by building a culture of trust, communication, and learning through feedback.

Typical workshop themes include:

  • Understanding and appreciating difference between personality types using MBTI
  • Understanding and managing conflict
  • Developing communication skills for effectiveness at work
  • Emotional intelligence at work
  • Understanding leadership styles and developing your own
  • Understanding change and accessing your strengths to make it positive

Speak to Julie now about arranging a series of workshops to focus your team’s soft skill development.