“I found Julie to be friendly and supportive whilst also being incisive and getting to the heart of issues quickly. Her suggestions and guidance enabled me to improve my management style and improve my contribution to the executive team.”

− Professor John Fothergill, PVC (Research and Enterprise) City University

“Thanks for all your help over the last few months. It has certainly been a worthwhile exercise and has been a great opportunity to focus on myself to find out what I need so I can help take the business forward.”

− Andrew Walker, Director, Slate Hall Veterinary Practice

“Julie Horne and I quickly established a constructive relationship based on trust. When necessary she gave clear direction but also enabled me to come to my own conclusions. We agreed a plan for my development and Julie provided the expert coaching that enabled me to achieve those aims. She provided the room for my own critical thinking, enabling me to reflect on success and failure to date of my career. We then focused on how I could overcome those weaknesses and build on strengths to achieve my potential. I can not endorse more highly her professionalism, warmth and support and wholeheartedly recommend her services to anybody that has the desire and ambition to go another step.”

− Professor Paul Palmer, Associate Dean, Cass Business School

“Alison guided the Endometriosis UK staff team through a strategic consultation as part of our Empowering Women strategy 2015-19. Everyone came away from the session feeling inspired and raring to go! Alison kept the team on track, with clear goals and focus, so that we achieved all of our objectives for the day. What’s more, she made the process fun and engaging, and everyone felt involved and valued. Thank you so much Alison!”

Jane Hudson Jones, CEO Endometriosis UK.


Julie’s practice is particularly suitable for a university environment. She understands academics and academic environments – her husband is a senior academic himself. Secondly, she is also extremely practical in working with people to make changes in their working practices. As well as having good insight at a personal level, she also has some good ideas about how to approach work differently. For instance, my time management has improved because of her sensible interventions. This has real benefits for me in how I enact this senior role. I recommend her without hesitation.”

− Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Associate Dean – MBA Programmes, Cass Business School, City University, London

“Thank you so much for facilitating an excellent day. For me, it was an excellent induction into the team and a grand opportunity to get to know them better. I really enjoyed the day and feel energised for the months ahead.”

− Ross Nielson, Senior MBA Manager, London Business School

“Julie was employed as a One to One Management Consultant and as Presenter of Leadership Skills Courses at BoA. She was very successful in these roles, providing detailed training in practical resolutions for common leadership issues. She encouraged you to listen intently and to think as if inside the person you are trying to communicate with / and or influence. Also she introduced the theories of Myers Briggs to understand different personality types and their motivations. Using this coaching, i have repeatedly been able to more successfully deal with awkward situations. Also now have the confidence to use the right words to influence people to either perform in their role, or make statements more effectively to influence senior colleagues. I would recommend Julie’s coaching without any reservation.”

− Richard Barraclough, Securities Financing – Project Manager / Business Analyst – Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking – SGCIB

“I have worked with Julie on a number of projects spanning almost 10 years. She is a genuinely warm lady with outstanding listening skills and was always able to come up with well considered, and cost effective, solutions to some thorny issues. She has been both a coach and a confidante / advisor and has become a true friend. Articulate, very capable and extremely personable I have enjoyed working with Julie and would recommend her a thousand times – she has had a most positive influence on my life and it’s direction. Thank you Julie – you are a star!”

− Keith Hussey, Director at The HR Dept

“Julie has coached and mentored me on several occasions and I have found the experience hugely beneficial. She has a great coaching style and during the mentoring she was very generous with her advice and sharing of experiences. I saw results immediately and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”

− Corine Hines, Executive and Leadership Coach at Converse Coaching

“Julie provided me with coaching as part of City University’s Leadership Programme for senior staff.

I found her a warm, insightful and inspiring person to work with. She led me to new insights about myself and my needs and preferences, and greatly helped me during a transitional phase of my career. She was practical and organised and I felt that I came away with solid plans for the future and some useful tools and resources for putting these plans into action.

As a result of Julie’s coaching, I feel more confident about my career choices and my capacity to achieve my goals. It has been a privilege to work with Julie and I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking coaching to move forward with their career plans.”

− Jacqui Farrants, Consultant Psychologist at City University London

“I had six extremely useful coaching session with Julie last year, which really focused my attention on how to think about my development, both present and future career. I obtained lots of good advice on these sessions which I am putting into practice now. I strongly recommend her!”

− Andrew Macfarlane, Reader in Information Retrieval at City University London

“Julie led the coached workshops with great skill – It was a great opportunity to discuss leadership and productivity issues with colleagues in a relaxed but structured atmosphere.”

− Julia Barrett, Service Director: Environment and Regulation

“Julie allowed a free flow of discussion with the small group – as much was learnt from each other and individual experience.”

− R Barnes, Frontier Agriculture